About Climate Change

On October 8th, 2018 scientists have challenged people to solve climate change as quickly as possible. Based on their calculations we have only 12 years to implement some serious unprecedented changes in order to reverse climate change to avoid major catastrophes and a possible irreversible devastation of this planet, which could then become inhabitable if we don’t act now.

A sustainable lifestyle is not an optional hobby. The fundamental right to life is the right to live in a healthy environment and the duty to keep it healthy.

A sustainable lifestyle is a human rights issue.

We have prepared seven short video clips about the climate change aftermath, causes, and every day solutions including what everyone can start doing write away easily. So let’s act now to start reversing climate change, so we can enjoy an amazing life on planet Earth for many years to come and leave it habitable and enjoyable for our children and grandchildren.

Let’s make Climate Day every day!